Sorry that the below post is late. When I signed up for #BEDN I didn’t realise I was going to get struck down by a rotten snotty bug and spend two days off work asleep. But even though I haven’t blogged everyday I am trying to catch up and I still want to make an attempt at each topic.


Friday Night In

Friday night in. Is there really any other kind? Well, of course you can have Friday nights out but these aren’t really my thing. Especially not those those out on the town, dancing till some crazy time in the AM. Call me old, call me boring, call me anything you like but it’s just not for me. If it’s for you, then that’s awesome and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

At the moment, my Friday nights aren’t really anything special. I am a create of routine, and if I am totally honest, I go to bed at pretty much the same time as I normally do during the week. I know that is massively boring, I know. But I just can’t stay up. I’m tired. I’ve been at worku all week. I start to fall asleep on the sofa.


But, given a better opportunity, I do like a good Friday night in.

You know the kind. The traditional kind. The kind that involves getting a takeaway or having a really comforting home cooked meal. For the home cooked meal option I would like it to be a collaboration with whoever is joining me for the big night in. I enjoy cooking and I find cooking with my friends or boyfriend to be a very good way to go about it. You don’t have to do all the work. There’s always some sort of banter and laugh and if you have my friends, a really, really good pudding!


I know a lot of people might crack open a bottle of wine or pop some beers in the fridge but I’m quite happy with a j2o or a Pepsi. I like a cheeky fruit cider though on the odd occasion if I’m feeling crazy!


I’m not really into films that much. I’ll normally opt for a box set. I like the sense of achievement you get from marathoning through multiple episodes and also the flexibility to stop and do something else (board game anyone??) or fall asleep!


My Friday night in might look different to yours. But all that matters is that you enjoy yourself. If that means growing a party or sampling different types of cheese then go for it. Not what I would do, but as we’ve established, I’d probably fall asleep during it and offend you anyway.


Love Charlotte x