Sorry that the below post is late. When I signed up for #BEDN I didn’t realise I was going to get struck down by a rotten snotty bug and spend two days off work asleep. But even though I haven’t blogged everyday, I still want to make an attempt at each topic, so here we go!

Unusual Hobbies

Hobbies. They are a very good idea and I think everyone should have at least one.

But is there such a thing as an ‘Unusual Hobby’? I think it all depends on your perspective.


I think my hobbies are pretty normal. I enjoy baking and cooking. I read. I watch YouTube. I’m spending more time on The Simpson’s Tapped Out at the moment than I probably should but I’m really enjoying the Halloween feature. I am working my way through How I Met Your Mother from the very beginning. (I’ve only got two seasons left to go). I knit. I go for walks and bike rides. I write on here… Sometimes.

I don’t do any of these things on a schedule. They don’t happen like clockwork. I can go months without doing any combination of these things or sometimes I am on everything all at once. I just pictured trying to knit in a bicycle. I don’t do that.

Now I think these hobbies are pretty standard. There’s nothing too out there, nothing too niche. But to someone with no interest in computer games or pointless time wasting apps, my current obsession with The Simpsons would seem bizarre and rediculous. When I tell people that I like to knit, I am sometimes faced with an expression looking back at me wondering why I’m doing something so old fashioned. My mum doesn’t understand the point of YouTube and I know people that think marathoning a box set is a waste of time and that I would be better off going out for a hike. I also know people who think the exact opposite.


When I started thinking what to write for this, the most unusual hobby I could come up with was Taxidermy. I don’t get the idea of taxidermy particularly. It seems a bit strange to me to get some stuffing and sew up a dead badger or a sparrow. The more I thought about it though, the more it occurred to me that those people out there (hello if you’re reading!) who partake in this hobby probably don’t think it’s unusual. They probably have friends and contacts who do the same thing. They probably share tips and photos of their successful stuffings on social media I the same way that I take photos of my pasta bake and knitting and share those.


Hobbies are hobbies. Don’t worry if you think that yours is strange, or different or “unusual”. It’s not, you just haven’t found your group yet.


Love Charlotte x