Friday 31st March

Jennie Friday.

Getting some nice emails about me leaving.

Having a catch-up with my team leader about my leaving plan. It’s starting to feel real.

Saturday 1st April
Helloversary number 3.

Helping to make some progress on the bath installation.

Watching Doctor Strange.

Sunday 2nd April
Going for a big walk with the boy to celebrate our 3rd Helloversary. We went to Fewston, Coldstone Cuts and somewhere else that I don’t know the name of.

Tasty ice cream at stop number one!

Having a Pagoda for tea!

20773 steps!

Monday 3rd April
Back to work for my final month in my current job. It feels very surreal.

Getting (nearly) all the alphabetising done.

Making a start on my April plan and to do list.

Ordering my friend’s 21st birthday present.

Buying part of my mum’s birthday present.


Tuesday 4th April
Going to the Armouries at lunchtime.

Nice walk home with The Boy.

Discussing where we want the loft window to be installed because there might be a roofer coming to visit tomorrow!

Wednesday 5th April
Really busy but fun day at work. Sometimes it’s good to be busy, to be up and down and all over the place solving problems and fixing things.

Finding out we can get some cheap materials to do part of the bathroom with.

Planning to go to a vintage fair later in the summer.

Thursday 6th April
Emptying my whole wardrobe out and having a good sort out.

Sorting out some banking.

Paying the roofer. We should have a new roof ridge, some tiles fixed and A VELUX WINDOW by this time next week!

Charlotte x