Friday 17th March

Nice steady day at work

Going to Filey after work with the boy

Having Stir Fry for tea

Saturday 18th March

Having stir fry for lunch again

Going for a Pokémon walk

Having a nice bath

Watching blues brothers

Sunday 19th March
Tasty bacon breakfast

Final stir fry of the weekend!

Going a new way home 

Monday 20th March
Having a tasty healthy salad as second lunch when I ate all my lunch early.

Getting through the day. So tired but I made it!

Early bedtime

Tuesday 21st March
Going to the Waterstones cafe. It was the nicest place. I got a bonus stamp on my card for being enthusiastic!

Posting some important paperwork

The boy staying for tea. Pie. Yum

Wednesday 22nd March

Going to IKEA

Getting a part of of The Boy’s ‘Hello’ present.

Seeing the stars. I can only ever identify Orion’s Belt but I hope to learn more.

Thursday 23rd March
Sorting out our credit card payments

Doing an email clear out

Having lasagne for tea.

Friday 24th March
Seeing Jennie.

Eating cookies

Having a full 5 portion salad for lunch

Going to Filey

Saturday 25th March
Helping my dad out with a job for work.

This yummy baked tomato for lunch!

Going for a nice walk.

Having tasty fruit and coconut ice cream for pudding.

Sunday 26th March
Giving Mum her Mother’s Day present

Taking my uncle for fish and chips

The sunshine

Buying this chair!

Monday 27th March
Getting some work done in the office

Not spending any money at lunchtime

Making plans to see friends

Tuesday 28th March
Listening to tunes on the way to work and being in a really good mood.

Getting an extremely positive voicemail!

Such a nice sunny day.

Wednesday 29th March
Going to Waterstones Cafe for lunch and having a tasty cheese toasty

Getting some Easter bits at John Lewis. Nigel, the man on the till, you were delightful!

Officially getting the call about a new job! I can say this now as it’s all sorted at my current job but any cryptic comments before this we’re probably relating to this!

Thursday 30th March
Doing all the singing along

Catching up on YouTube videos

Having a tasty noodle dish for lunch

Charlotte x