Friday 10th March

A big thing happened. I’m not talking about it yet and this goes on the internet but a big thing happened that I think is going to be very good for.

Getting to the tidiest state I’ve been in for months. Still not great but I feel so much calmer with less clutter.

Going out for tea to Sloanes with the Boy. It was lovely.

Going to see Alice In Wonderland at Wakefield Theatre with B&G.

Going to The Beer Exchange for the first time after the show. I had fruit juice not beer but it was tasty!

Saturday 11th March
Accidentally going to Leeds an hour too early. This sounds bad but it lead to the following:

  1. Seeing these beautiful lights
  2. Finding out that there is a place in Leeds that smells a bit like a cave. Which I like.
  3. Catching this cool new Pokémon!
  4. Having a cheeky mini shop in Primark. Brilliant because it wasn’t busy yet and still tidy!

Reading on the train. Such a nice journey.

Going to Thornton-le-dale and getting lots of nice things.

Sunday 12th March
Waking up after a really good nights sleep.

Going for a nice walk and getting donuts!

Catching all the new Pokémon!

Monday 13th March
Going for a nice walk at a reservoir.

Hitting the stick! (There was a stick swing hanging above a river that we spent FAR TOO LONG trying to hit with stones). 

Going out for tea for The Boy’s mum’s birthday.

Tuesday 14th March
Painting the bathroom ceiling.

This Daffodil!

Watching a Call The Midwife with mum.

Making a tasty lunch of Halloumi, salad leaves and couscous.

Wednesday 15th March

Getting the train to work with a friend. 

Going back to the office and catching up with everyone after having time off.

Getting past an anxiety led moment. No further comment. 

Thursday 16th March
Painting the bathroom ceiling again.

Going for tea with The Boy and the Clarksons.

Making plans for adventures.

Charlotte x