Friday 3rd March
Pensions clinic at work. Really helpful, made me feel like I know what I should do now with my money.

Hatching a brand new Pokémon from a 10k egg. I hardly ever get 10k eggs so I’m always worried it’ll just be another Syther that I don’t want or need.

Getting my 5 a day in for three days in a row!

Saturday 4th March
Working in the bungalow, working on the coving and… wallpapering a ceiling!

Going to The Hepworth to see the print fair. I would’ve bought some too if I’d actually had some money! And someone where to put them. Maybe next time.

Pigs in blanket hot dogs for tea!

Sunday 5th March
Putting all my clothes away.

Filing a lot of paperwork. Feeling organised!

Homemade veggie feast pizza for tea.

Monday 6th March
Helping the managers at work with a display board- had to lie on the floor and was told it was ‘above and beyond!’ Funny.

Catching the cute teddy bear Pokémon.

Trying creme egg biscuits. Tasty.

Tuesday 7th March
Getting through day one of Ofsted. I think we did good!

Really interesting and potentially exciting chat at work.

Getting free cake!

Wednesday 8th March
Day off!

Going for a walk and catching/hatching two new Pokémon.

Filing all my paperwork and feeling so organised!

Thursday 2nd March
Catching up on YouTube.

Taking two walks in the sunshine

Preparing myself for opportunities.

Going to see a colleague off who is leaving work. She is an awesome woman and deserved a better send off. I wish her all the best in her future.

It’s been such a full on week. My mind has been whirring and whirling. You will notice there are quite a few Pokémon highlights to this week and that is mostly because those have been the calm moments. The times when I wasn’t worrying or stressing or letting my mind run off without me. I’m hoping that next week will be a bit calmer and that there will be more variety in the good things. 

Charlotte x