Just. Wow.

I am not going to be able to do an accurate review of this show because it was so all absorbing, all encompassing, it drew me and when I came back out I was, frankly a little dazed. I can’t remember all the details. I don’t need to. I know you have to see it.

I knew I had to see it when a friend suggested it because I had read the book and had similar feelings. I read the book way back in high school I think and couldn’t really remember what happened. I knew there was a dead dog and a boy with Aspergers. 

I knew he liked prime numbers. 

I knew he wanted to investigate what had happened to the dog. 

I couldn’t remember anything else.

But I knew I had loved the book. 

That the book had made such an impression on me that even though I didn’t know what the story was anymore I knew it was an amazing one.

This story is amazing.

If I use the wrong words, or cause upset of offence to anyone with and ASD then I apologise, it is not meant with such intent.

Christopher, our main character is an interesting character, in the way that I wanted to understand how his mind worked, and how it was different to mine. He was engaging and gripping and drew focus.

Siobhan, his teacher was so calming, so understanding, so soothing and still encouraging. I feel like I need a Siobhan in my life.

His parents were contrasting, both experienced having a child with Aspergers differently but both points of view felt real, felt understandable. Whether or not you agree with their choices, you could really see how they had come to them. They felt real.

There was also a fantastic ensemble cast playing various other side characters and helping to convey the world in the way that Christopher experiences it.

The best is a scene where Christopher finds himself talking the London Underground. The show’s cast become commuters who sweep him along, the lights the sounds the movements couldn’t have been more descriptive in how that clostrophic environment feels. At times, Christopher was literally scooped up and passed around from person to person, walking along the walls and tumbling around. It was beautiful choreography absolutely demonstrating the somehow organised chaos.
Stay for the carriages. Christopher explains a maths equation and I’ve never seen so many people as gripped on a maths problem. And I’ve been to see a comedy show based entirely on maths and science.

You have to see it. Please see it. I can’t even explain why. It’s amazing. Beautiful.

Charlotte x