This is the fifth and final part of my first ever Weekly Series. A five part weekly series where this week I’m looking at Things I’m Loving Right Now. Little things that are making my day to day life that little bit better.

Life Cycle

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My name is Charlotte and I like graphs.

I don’t quite know why but there’s something about a graph that I really like. They can convey so much information in, what to me at least, is (usually) a very simple way.

I think maybe it’s because I’m a visual person. Do you prefer to take in information through pictures and diagrams? I do. And I think that’s what it means.

Life Cycle basically runs in the background and using GPS, the good old Internet and by hooking it up with other apps, tracks where you are and what you’ve been up to. It then puts everything into a lovely pie chart, called Donuts in the app. You can compare daily donuts, weekly, monthly and eventually yearly.

I really like seeing how many steps I’ve done, how much time I’ve been asleep, whether or not I’ve been shopping or whatever all together in one simple visual. There are in app purchases for trends which you can access for 30 days for free before subscribing but I want to get a bigger backlog up before I try this out so there’s plenty of data to analyse.

I don’t really do much with the information, but I find it interesting and if I wanted to, I could use it to see where my time is going and to make changes if I wanted to.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weekly series about things I’ve found have been adding a little bit of something to my day to day life. Please let me know if you did, or even if you didn’t! I’d like to find out.

Charlotte x

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