It’s March! A new month, a new set of opportunities to find good things! And I think the closer to spring we get the easier it will become.

Friday 24th February
Seeing my friend Jennie at work.

Having a MASSIVE pasta salad for lunch.

Getting a cheeky Abdul’s for tea and chilling out with The Boy.

Saturday 25th February
Working on a secret project that I hope in the long run will help me feel better.

Making homemade burgers for tea. They were delicious.

Watching Dinnerladies. The Boy has never seen it and it’s one of my all time favourites. Much laughter.

Having a lush bath. The item of choice was the Rose Jam
bubbleroon. Not only did it make lovely bubbles, smell gorgeous but BONUS points. It didn’t leave a colour mark on the bath. Sometimes I have to Cif the bath after a lush bath and not having to was a definite plus point to this particular product.

Sunday 26th February
Going to the charity shop and finding 6 books that were on my book hunt list! For £3 total!

Measuring up for loft windows in the bungalow.

Finishing off a part of the secret project.

Applying for a new bank account! 7 day switch service here I come and hopefully with bonus cash for switching!

Monday 27th February
Getting lots of inputting done.

Going to collect some tickets at lunchtime. So exciting!

Arranging to meet a friend for a coffee soon.

Tuesday 28th February
Big day at work: we had a crane arrive!

Having a relaxing browse around John Lewis and not actually spending any money!

Pancakes for tea. 5 pancakes!

Wednesday 1st March
Eating the best packet of ready salted crisps.

Crossing so many things off my to do list during the work day.

Getting a freebie at paperchase!

Seeing my friend Alice and going for tea and a show! 

The Allotment Shed at Trinity Kitchen. We had roasted veggie wraps and they were delicious!

Thursday 2nd March
Checking my credit card’s interest free period. Still got a year to go so we’re safe if we need to make any purchases.

Doing DIY work and singing songs.

Ordering my mum’s Mother’s Day present. I feel glad to have that sorted.
I have high hopes for March. February has been an interesting month and I’m looking forward to trying to make some positive steps going forward. 
See you here next Friday!