This is the second part of my first ever Weekly Series. A five part series where this week I’m looking at Things I’m Loving Right Now. Little things that are making my day to day life that little bit better.

Daily Budget App

This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are my own.

Following on from yesterday, also on the point of budgeting, I’m really enjoying using the Daily Budget App for iPhone. There’s something about seeing my monthly spend broken down into a daily spending allowance that really helps me.

The way it works is you punch in your total monthly income, all your outgoings and then it breaks that down per day over the month. You can also set a ‘Savings Goal’, an amount you would like to have by a certain date. Again, it calculates how much you need to save per day to achieve this and adjusts your daily budget accordingly.

I like seeing the total I’m allowed to spend go up if I have a spend free day, and it also helps me to avoid impulse purchases.

I am currently under budget which is great but I can see that a few biggish purchases that I need to make in he next week or so is going to put me back over. Ideally, I would watch and wait and see when my daily budget has reached the amount I need to spend and then make the purchase.

If I do that though, the occasion I’m purchasing for will have passed! So instead I’ll have to wait for the total to build back up into positive figures. It’s almost like an overdraft with myself!

There is additional functionality that can be purchased where it shows you what areas you spend most on and I am considering this because I find graphs to be really helpful for me to understand what’s going on.

I’ve tried quite a few budgeting / spending tracking apps and this is one is extremely straight forward and user friendly which is what I need to incentivise me to use it.

How do you keep track of your spending? I’m also trying only spending with cash where possible at the moment to see if that helps. If the money isn’t in my purse I can’t spend it.

Call back tomorrow to find out what else I’m enjoying at the moment! In the meantime, why not read yesterday’s post about how I keep track of buying and budgeting for presents. See you then!

Charlotte x