This is the third part of my first ever Weekly Series. A five part series where this week I’m looking at Things I’m Loving Right Now. Little things that are making my day to day life that little bit better.

Receipt Hog

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I’m starting to see a theme here with things I’m loving right now and that theme is money. I’m really trying to get a good grip on my money, not because I’m bad with it it but just because knowing exactly what is going on with it just makes me feel much calmer.

Monday and Tuesday focused on ways I’m keeping track of my spending, today is a very small contribution to possibly making a bit of the green stuff!

I’ve always been a big fan of loyalty cards. If I’m going to buy something from that retailer anyway (my prime example is the occasional Subway Sandwich) then I might as well get some points and eventually get a bonus freebie down the line. I’m not buying anything specially to get the bonus, it’s just a nice added extra.

So when I found out about Receipt Hog, an app that lets you earn points on almost anything you buy just by submitting a photo of the receipt it sounded great. From my investigations it is a market research app seeing what people buy at certain retailers.

It’s not a big bucks thing. You only get a points on certain receipts and you can’t get a payout until you have 1000 points minimum (this gets you £3 amazon credit although there are PayPal options for more points too).

I’ve had it about 2 months and have got about 400 points so far. I have missed some receipts but it is evident I won’t be cashing in loads but even if I get a few quid towards Christmas it’ll help and it’s a bit of a game.

It’s a little bit of free money at the end of the day for very little effort. I was going to buy those tissues and broccoli at Sainsbury’s anyway right? So why not earn those points (on top of the nectar card too!).

If you are interested in it, my referral code is drak5301. You’ll get some free points, I’ll get some free points. Everyone is happy. I know it’s a bit cheeky but if you don’t ask…

Pop back tomorrow when, very excitingly I’m moving on from budgets and money to health!

See you then!
Charlotte x

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