Friday 17th February

Pokémon Generation 2 being released. Here are a few highlights.

Getting my to do list crossed off at work fairly quickly.

Going for the with my friends to celebrate belated birthdays and catch up. Haven’t seen these guys for ages and it was lovely to be back in that group.

Saturday 18th February
Having a lie in.

Helping a friend with some podcast practical work and having my first experience of talking into a mic and how it works. I would like to start a podcast one day, just got to come up with the ideas!

This giant pizza for tea!

Sunday 19th February
Going for a walk with The Boy. It was great just to get out of the house.

Finding these daffodils in my back garden. I’m planning to dig them up and pot them on so I can save them when we start working on the garden properly this summer.


Monday 20th February
Going on a lunchtime hunt for sushi mats.

Going up the fire escape at work to rescue the milk. Just bizarre.

Having some tasty hot water and honey. Yum yum yum.

Tuesday 21st February
Going stationery shopping. Even though it wasn’t for me, it was still fun.

Fixing the photocopier at work that everyone was moaning about.

Walking home even though it was a bit miserable. I miss walking home.

Wednesday 22nd February
Having supportive colleagues.

Giving a colleague his leaving present and he loved it.

Going to bed early and having a good sleep.

Thursday 23rd February
Going to the hygienist. My teeth feel so clean now!

Listening to old songs I found on my iTunes. I’d forgotten how much I liked some of these songs.

Trying the google cardboard thing for the first time. Super good fun.
It’s been a tough week this week. Some of the days I found it hard to think of good things but I’ve managed it and that has definitely made me feel better. 

Charlotte x