Now that’s what I call I good week. If only all the weeks were this good! Got to keep it up. 

Friday 10th February

  1. Steady day at work. Redeveloped a spreadsheet to hopefully make it more functional which is always a nice task.
  2. Saw an old colleague and friend who popped into our new office to say hello. It was really nice to catch up and we’re planning to meet up or a coffee (tea!) soon.
  3. Getting home to find that my dad has sorted out the shower part of the bathroom and how to connect it to the mixer tap (They didn’t come together and weren’t that straight forward to join up). Yay! It’s all coming together!

Saturday 11th February

  1. Waking up feeling like I’d had such a brilliant sleep.
  2. Going to see my AWESOME friend Laura hold her first craft stall. You should totally check her out if you need some attractive lettering.
  3. Seeing my other AWESOME friends The Clarksonettes for tea where we made plans, caught up and had a general good time.
  4. Giving a handmade birthday present (a pen roll) away and being told they thought I’d bought it! Woo. Quality work. 

Sunday 12th February

  1. Feeling so inspired by Laura from yesterday to start looking at all my projects to see if I can make anything more of those.
  2. Sorting out a box of random bits. Every little helps when it comes to decluttering.
  3. Watching MissPeregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It was REALLY good. 

Monday 13th February

  1. Getting so much work done I hardly feel behind anymore.
  2. Catching up on loads of podcasts. My unplayed list was starting to make me feel anxious! Ridiculous I know but I feel more on top of it now.
  3. Stopping by to see my friends on the way home and paying for some tickets.

Tuesday 14th February

  1. Having a laugh at work.
  2. Swapping Valentines with The Boy.
  3. The heating being broken at work. This isn’t good, but it meant we had a lot of hot drinks and when it was fixed it was BRILLIANT.

Wednesday 15th February

  1. Day off work! 
  2. Sorting out all my notes books, DVDs and other bits of junk.
  3. Going to the dentist and finally getting this tooth fixed. There was a work experience girl in which meant the Dentist and nurse explained everything which was super interesting for me too!
  4. Jacket sweet potato for tea. Yum yum yum.

Thursday 16th Feb

  1. Finishing my own sushi pen roll!
  2. Measuring up for curtains at the bungalow.
  3. Baking snickerdoodles
  4. Watching a Call The Midwife with my mum
  5. Going for a colleagues leaving drinks.

I’ve already got high hopes for today and for the weekend and that’s practically half a week a sorted. 

Charlotte x