It’s February 14th. That day when traditionally couples go out to over crowded restaurants and kids send cards to their crush sighed ‘your secret admirer’. Or they probably just send them a Snapchat with some dodgy emojis. I don’t know what the kids do these days.

It’s a day where you’re supposed to express your love for your Significant Other. And while I am all for that I also acknowledge that it is just a money making scheme. I know this, especially this year, because of this sign I spotted yesterday in M&S.

£60??? Who in their right mind is spending £60 on flowers? Flowers that will die. Buy a plant, buy a tree! Heck you could get 3 fruit trees on one of the shopping channels yesterday for £20. Much better value for money, less likely to shrivel up after a week and you get fruit. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Please, don’t spend £60 on flowers. Just give me the £60. I can use that for something much more useful. Thanks.

Another reoccurring thought I have every year on this day is where should I put the apostrophe?

Valentine = singular
Valentines = plural
Valentine’s = belonging to a single valentine
Valentines’ = belonging to all the valentines.

So, Theory One says today is a day for all Valentines. So it would go after the ‘s’.

But Theory Two says it’s a day for people to celebrate that one special person in their life (unless they are in a polygamist relationship?) so that it would go before the ‘s’. Because it’s just for that person.

Grammar chats. That’s what you wanted for Valentine’s/Valentines’ day right?

What do you think? Where would you put the apostrophe? And would you prefer £60 worth of flowers, trees or cash?

Charlotte x