Another week done. This week has felt a lot more settled and I’ve been feeling much more on top of things. Still not sleeping well but there’s a whole load of good stuff that’s been going on too. 

Friday 3rd February
First day in the new office where I started to feel settled. It was because for the first time I knew exactly where I had to sit and what I could realistically achieve that day.

Super amazing lunchbox salad!

Going out for tea with the best Boy ever who understands when I rant at him.

Saturday 4th February
Finishing another craft project! A secret one.

Going for a walk around the trim trail. It’s such a nice steady walk that’s easy to do but I feel like I’ve done something when I do it.

Home made Sweet Potato Jackets with cheese and beans for tea. We estimated it came to about £1.50 for two of us which is great budgeting in our book.

Sunday 5th February
Doing plastering for the first time ever.

Having treacle sponge for lunch.

Playing wii fit games and realising how unfit I actually am.

Monday 6th February
Managing to get the rest of my sister’s birthday present.

Really reducing my inbox at work. It really helps me to feel less overwhelmed to have a managing email list.

Tasty coconut yoghurt and fruit for pudding.

Tuesday 7th February
Waking up having feeling like I’d had a good night’s sleep.

My sister’s birthday!

A friend at work getting me a creme egg to cheer me up (I’ve been a bit grumpy).


Wednesday 8th February
The office being so super quiet. It was lovely.

Finishing off a big pile of work. Now I feel more able to to start the rest of the stuff!

Fajitas for tea. Yum yum yum.

Thursday 9th Feb

Working on the bathroom in the bungalow.

Tidying all the cupboards and organising supplies in the bungalow.

Great episode of Death In Paradise. Goodbye Humphrey. We’ll miss you.
Next week should be a good one. I’ve got plenty of stuff planned that I’m really looking forward to. 

Charlotte x