Friday 27th January

  1. Jacket Potato for lunch.
  2. Going to Filey with The Boy.
  3. Getting a pretty good night’s sleep.

Saturday 28th January

  1. Going for a lovely walk by the sea.
  2. Catching up on YouTube and podcasts and reading.
  3. Having a nice bath.
  4. Going to the pub for tea.

Sunday 29th January

  1. Singing along to the radio.
  2. Seeing my friend Alice.
  3. Trying a new place for food. Vietnamese noodles!

Monday 30th January

  1. Finding the new office.
  2. Buying a nice new storage box for my new desk.
  3. Getting to train and getting a seat!

Tuesday 31st January

  1. Having lunch in the new office kitchen. Finally we have a place to go and eat away from our desks!
  2. Actually getting some work done as the office slowly gets set up.
  3. Updating the teambungalow Instagram account with our renovation progress!

Wednesday 1st February

  1. February! The month I think 2017 will kick off properly!
  2. Having the kitchen electrics sorted! I think the rewire is finished!
  3. Getting a new high score on High Risers! Such an addictive game.

Thursday 2nd February

  1. Working on three different craft projects. Including a handmade present!
  2. Singing along. I love singing along.
  3. The return of The Great Pottery Throw Down.
  4. Death in Paradise. I just love this show.

It’s been a pretty crazy week. Lots going on and frankly I’m pooped! I can’t wait for the weekend! 

See you next week. 

Charlotte x