• So. January. Hey. What a start to the year.
  • Here are the stand out points for me that I can remember.
  • Raging toothache caused by a dead tooth. Sad face.
  • Going to the cinema to see Collateral Beauty with friends. I rarely go to the cinema so this was different and fun with me.
  • Going Go Karting for the first time.
  • Going to see Marvel Universe Live!
  • Making handmade presents.
  • Going to the seaside.
  • Seeing a good friend who I don’t see as much as I would like.
  • Moving to a new office.

My general feelings for this month are that it’s been a bit all over the place. I don’t really feel like I’ve settled into the year yet.

Aside from the toothache and a couple of sniffly days I have managed to avoid getting ill which is great.

I’ve already tried a few new things which is something I really want to focus on this year, building m l confidence and trying new things.

Speaking of confidence, I don’t think I’ve really progressed much in feeling more confident in myself but I did realise after the Go Karting trip I realised that something that really hits me in the fear factor is fear of failiure. Fear of humiliation. Fear of being bad at things.

I’m going to talk about this a bit more in an upcoming post. I want to start a little series about my attempts to improve my confidence to hopefully spur me on and help me keep track of my progression.

I’m really looking fired to February. I feel like February is when 2017 is going to really get started properly.

Charlotte x