I’m going to change these slightly as I’m finding it a bit tricky to get the post finished and ready for a reasonable time on a Friday. So, what I’m going to going forward is have the review start with the previous Friday and run it through to Thursday night. 

Saturday 21st January

  1. Updating all my calendar. Everything almost matches now.
  2. Making delicious stuffed peppers for tea.
  3. Making homemade sugar scrub presents.

Sunday 22nd January

  1. Spending quality time with The Boy.
  2. Marvel Universe Live!
  3. Watching the new Dad’s Army film.

Monday 23rd January

  1. Managing to get up for work without too much difficulty.
  2. Only having 89 emails after a whole week off!
  3. Starting to plan the new bathroom properly ahead of work starting very soon.

Tuesday 24th January

  1. Self service checkouts in Poundland?! Crazy!
  2. Having a really productive day at work.

Wednesday 25th January

  1. Giving my friend Jo her birthday present. Knitted cactus. Homemade is best! Ps. She loved it!
  2. Having a scrummy jacket potato for lunch. Only £1.50 too which is fantastic value.
  3. Sorting out meeting a friend at the weekend.

Thursday 26th January

  1. Going to the dentist and making a start on fixing my dodgey tooth.
  2. Being able to drink a cup of tea even with the numbness!
  3. Going to family tea and B liking her birthday present. Phew!


I like doing these but I need to try and make it so it fits into my week more easily. Hopefully I’ll actually see you in Friday next week. 


Charlotte x