One of my hopes for 2017 is to try new things. This was a new thing for sure.

A last minute invite from my friends Marie and Rose who found themselves with two spare tickets and the need of a lift to the arena found myself and the Boy going to see Marvel Universe Live! live stunt / theatre type performance based around the Marvel Heroes and Villains.

Now, I don’t really like Superhero films. All this Marvel stuff isn’t my bag. But, I like live performances and I do enjoy cools stunts and stuff so despite my reservations about the them in of the show, and in the spirit of doing different things I took the opportunity.

The Stage before kick off

So, a quick summary. First of all, there was an actual plot! Yes. I know. I don’t now why I wasn’t expecting this but for some reason I thought it would be more of just showing off fancy flips and tricks rather than an actual narrative.

I’ll apologise now to any actual Marvel fans. I don’t know the prior words or who all the characters were to be honest but I’ll do my best! It was a pretty typical story. The Villains are trying to get their hands on this magical Cube thingy that will give them all the power ever and so obviously The Heroes are trying to stop them. Straightforward.

There’s a small spin of in that there’s the Avengers (plus Spider-Man) and the X-Men in the good guy group and even though they’re all supposed to be working together to save the day, Wolverine breaks off from the group to go and save his friends (the other X-Men have been captured). I liked this as it gave it another thread to the plot which was pretty threadbare. I understand that they couldn’t get too much nuance in what was only about 90 minutes and had to spend a lot of time of cool fight scenes but still, I found it a little dull. Just being honest!

So far, it might. It sound like I enjoyed it that much. I did. Maybe not as much as my friends who bought a Captain America hat but I did have a good time.

My spidey-sense is tingling

What I enjoyed was the production. I loved the sets, the lights, the special effects. I liked trying to catch stuff going on behind the scenes or in the rigging up above. I really, really loved the motorbikes though. A good chunk of the show was dedicated to motorbike stunts and those guys had some skill. This was also where The Boy managed to muster up some enthusiasm although he was mostly interested in the gearing and how soft the tyres were!

I do feel a bit guilty for tagging along for free, especially after I found out that the tickets were nearly £50 each! But Marie and Rose were happy and they got a free lift so I’ve gotten over that. As much as I enjoyed it though, I don’t think I personally would pay that much to go again. Maybe somewhere in the £30 zone? That would depend though on how the seat positioning though as we did have a really good view of the actors though and there was no big screen showing close ups so I would suggest if you are into this sort of thing, save up you pennies and get the best seats you can. Otherwise I think you might miss out on a lot of the action.

On a final note, Marie and Rose were also shocked and horrified to discover I have never been to a Disney on Ice (the same sort of thing but on ice skates and presumably with less motorbikes) so you never know, there might be a reviewsdaytuesday coming up for that in the future though!

Charlotte x