Oops! My Friday schedule went a bit of course and I forgot to post this! Saturday morning will just have to do! 
It’s been a funny week as I’ve been off work. So even though I’ve done a few different things, my routine has been all over the place and remembering what I had done was harder than it normally is. Here we go anyway!

Saturday 14th January

Going out for breakfast with the boy. Okay, it was lunchtime by the time we went but it was tasty. Full English. Oh yes.

Cleaning up in the bungalow. I know it’ll get in a mess again, that’s the way it goes with renovations but getting it back to a clean state is really helping me to focus on getting it moving again.

Going out for drinks with the Boy’s family (dad’s side). I’ve not met all this bunch yet and it was pretty good.

Sunday 15th January
Going to BM stores and having a nice wander round.

Cup of tea and fondant fancy.

Home-made pizza for tea! I tried kale on mine (not great, just turned into crispy dust) and beetroot (would’ve been good but was overpowered by the other flavours).

Monday 16th January
Doing driving and parking. I parked the car 5 times at different places, including reversing into the drive.

Finishing cleaning up in the bungalow. Nice and tidy.

Organising my shoes. This was so satisfying.

Knitting. Short fast projects. That’s what I need right now.

Tuesday 17th January
Going into town and getting some presents bought.

Having a subway for lunch.

Tasty chicken for tea.

Wednesday 18th January
Doing the first week of a free online course about Money Mangement. 

Catching up on YouTube videos and podcasts

Washing a set of plastic desktop drawers that were getting thrown out from my office. I plan to paint them and make them nice again. #upcycle

Going Go Karting for the first time ever. I wasn’t even that rubbish!

Thursday 19th January
Going for a walk at the reservoir. I love quiet walks like this. So calming.

Five Guys. Yum.

Lasagne for tea. Again. Yum. I do love food.


Friday 20th January
Finishing the Organisation of my shoe and bag cupboard. (At least for now!) It’s so satisfying. 

Going for a nice walk to catch Pokemon and to the supermarket.

Making coconut chicken stir fry for tea. Lots of tasty food this week.
It seems that I didn’t take too many photos this week. Oh well. It’s going to be a shock to the system going back to work next week so I’ll need this 3 good things diary more than ever! 

Charlotte x