I don’t have the best attention span. And as such I don’t really watch a lot of films. I also have an issue with how very expensive the cinema is these days. I used to love going to the cinema, especially in the summer holidays when all the big blockbusters would come out.

Nowadays, I hardly ever go. Only for stuff I am REALLY sure I am interested in. I don’t often just go and see something because it looks like it might be good. I just can’t bring myself to spend a tenner on something to come out and think ‘well that wasn’t worth it’. I have toyed with the idea of getting a cineworld card (I’m sure other schemes are available) but I just don’t know if I’d get the use out of it.

So for Christmas, as part of my present my Very Excellent Friend said she would take me to see Collateral Beauty. A film earlier in the year that I had actually made the effort to send her a message after watching the trailer on YouTube. I knew it must’ve been good because that skip button was right there and I didn’t press it.

So last week, off we popped to the cinema. My ticket already bought for me so there was no chance of budgeting resentment on exiting the cinema. However, I don’t think there was any need to be concerned.

The trailer I watched showed a man (Will Smith) who had clearly been through a pretty rough time. He had started writing letters to Death, Time and Love to complain. They turn up and visit him.

It turns out the horrible thing that had happened was his daughter had died. The film was beautifully done, it could’ve been a sad film, given the subject matter, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t by any means a happy film either. It held a very good spot in the ‘clever zone’ but without being a film you really had to think about. It had several twists and reveals, non of which shocked or scared but just quietly revealed themselves to add to the every more complex weave of the fabric of this film. Layer upon layer was added, interwoven with a level of intricacy that was so well done it went unnoticed.

I don’t want to tell you any of the twists, any spoilers, I don’t even want to tell you if it has a happy ending or not. If there’s anything I hate it’s a review that gives things away.

What I want to do is try and convey my feelings about the film. I was gripped throughout which is a big thing for me and my short attention span. I was being surprised in a very welcome way and I would definitely recommend it.

Will Smith is still great, so is Kate Winslet. And I really liked the guy who played Time. He was cool.

The best things I can say about this film is I would like to watch it again, that I would’ve left the cinema happy even if I had paid, and it really made me reconsider my aversion to the cinema and really made me want to look out for what else is coming out. This is a good review from me.

I wonder what the next film I see will be. Any recommendations please do let me know!

Charlotte x