It’s been a good week this week. The first week since Christmas I’ve been basically well. I feel like I’m starting to get into the swing of 2017 and that I can start to progress forwards with things without being hindered by illnesses. Quite a few days even have four good things rather than the standard three!

Saturday 7th January

  1. Starting to tidy up, felt good to finally make a start on what I hope will be a very thorough clear out on 2017.
  2. Taking my sister to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them before it leaves the cinema.
  3. Seeing the Boy and then having to ignore him while we took down the Christmas tree. It was nice that he was around though.
  4. Watching the first half of Dawn French’s 30 Million Minutes. (I was getting tired so decided to use the interval marker as a stopping point).

Sunday 8th January

  1. Having a bacon and tomato sandwich. First thing, it was delicious. Second thing was I was able to chew it without any pain! I think the tooth infection is finally clearing up.
  2. Going for not one but TWO walks with the boy. Two different reservoirs. It was muddy but I had my big boots on and it was pretty good fun.
  3. Hanging out lazing on the sofa watching mostly Big Bang Theory. It felt nice, normal, safe. It was a lovely little island in the middle of being ill, having the house to work on and everything else that’s going on.
  4. Watching the second half of Dawn French. Such a good show. 

Monday 9th January

  1. Starting my eye care routine again properly. I need to get back on top of this eczema after not treating it properly for a couple of weeks.
  2. Feeling back into the swing of work after feeling a bit lost last week (first week back after Christmas).
  3. 15 minute subway date with the boy before…
  4. Going to see Collateral Beauty with friends. It was a Christmas present-free trip to see the film as my friend knew I would probably forget or end up not going.

Tuesday 10th January

  1. Getting to see the new office building. It looks pretty cool.
  2. Getting a Chinese for tea. Cheeky.
  3. Spending quite a lot of the evening sitting with The Boy. It had been an overwhelming day.
  4. Horlicks.

Wednesday 11th January

  1. Seeing an old friend on the train.
  2. Buying myself a little present from the Cath Kidston sale.
  3. Having the best ever salad for lunch. It was so tasty.
  4. Super busy day but it felt really productive to get so much done at work.

Thursday 12th January

  1. Cleaning a room at the bungalow. I just want to get to point where it’s clean again so I feel like I can think and plan and make stuff happen.
  2. Baking a cake to take to a family tea.
  3. Organising some stuff at home (not currently living in the bungalow, that’s a renovation project) and feeling positive about getting organised.
  4. Having a good time at the family tea. It’s the boy’s side of the family and they’re all so lovely.

Friday 13th January

  1. Having a productive day at work
  2. Listening to a lot of podcasts. I feel very behind on so many!
  3. My week off work begins TODAY!

I’m now off work for a week and I have high hopes for an even better weekly diary next Friday! 

Charlotte x