So we’ve gotten the first week of 2017 done and dusted. I started the year by developing a terrible toothache which I had since found out is because one of my teeth is dying. It’s rubbish but there’s still be lots of good things happening. 

Saturday 31st December

  1. Going out for a walk by the sea.
  2. Having a nice tea of sausage, mash and beans.
  3. Watching The BFG.
  4. Making the decision to go to bed early.

Sunday 1st January

  1. Being woken up by the fireworks. This in itself made me grumpy but then I got up and made a Horlicks. It’s not what I wanted to do but at least I did something instead of laying there in the dark being grumpy.
  2. Coming home from the seaside, no traffic. Nice easy journey.
  3. Catching up on the second Royal Institution Christmas Lecture.

Monday 2nd January

  1. Going to a walk with the Boy.
  2. The Boy being my hero and getting me a cup of tea and some painkillers in Asda when my toothache hit.
  3. This beautiful person sharing their apple harvest for free.

Tuesday 3rd January

  1. First day back at work, not actually too bad getting up early.
  2. Managing to get a dentist appointment to find out about my horrible toothache.
  3. Resisting all the biscuits and chocolates in the office. I’m not on some January health kick, but the tooth situation is making me think a lot more about eating snacks for the sake vs if I actually want them. 

Wednesday 4th January

  1. Trying Almond Milk for the first time. It’s tasty.
  2. Catching a Blastoise!
  3. Watching Zootropolis.

Thursday 5th January

  1. Being able to manage my toothache by resting and using a hot water bottle rather than just taking loads of painkillers
  2. Chilling out on the sofa with The watching silly videos and listening to funny songs.
  3. The return of DEATH IN PARADISE!

Friday 6th January

  1. Seeing my good friend Jennie at work. I love Jennie Friday.
  2. Having a delicious lunch. M&S orzo pasta salad. I must learn how to make this myself.
  3. Updating my diary and enjoying all the funny days that are listed in it. ‘Do one sit up and feel smug day’? Sounds good to me. 

It’s not been the best start to the year, not the super motivated start that I’d hoped for. I’ve been very lethargic due to being ill over Christmas and this retched toothache but there’s always good stuff and I’ll just kick start the year once I’m feeling better. 

Charlotte x