It’s the final Feel Good Friday of 2016 and it’s been a funny week where I’ve been mostly poorly. But even so I’ve managed to find my three good things each day. Here’s to 2017 and even more reasons to Feel Good!

Saturday 24th December

  1. Getting a free office chair.
  2. Finishing Blogmas.
  3. Having Fire Sausages for tea. (This is sausages cooked on the open fire in the living room, made into sandwiches with potato wedges).

Sunday 25th December

  1. Christmas morning opening presents with the family.
  2. Seeing The Boy for more presents.
  3. Eating all my Christmas Dinner (I deliberately only had a small one due to being poorly but it still counts)!

Monday 26th December

  1. My temperature being a little bit less crazy.
  2. Having lots of naps.
  3. Being cosy in my new dressing gown.

Tuesday 27th December

  1. The Boy coming to look after me.
  2. Going Pokémon-ing and seeing the funny ducks.
  3. Being able to taste my soup.

Wednesday 28th December

  1. Attempting to make a jacket potato for the Poorly Pals (The Boy is poorly now too).
  2. Having a nice lush bath
  3. Listening to Christmas Just A Minute.

Thursday 29th December

  1. The Boy hugging me even though he was poorly too when I was all overwhelmed and crying and snotty. He’s a good guy.
  2. Managing to get the train to Filey.
  3. Eating a proper tea of pasta. First whole meal I’ve had since Christmas Dinner!

Friday 30th December

  1. Feeling quite a lot better, mostly just tired now.
  2. Going out for a walk.
  3. Getting a new Pokémon. Dugtrio!

Not the most exciting week but they can’t all be super amazing. 

Charlotte x