And all through the house, people were fretting that the hoovering hadn’t been done.

Yep. That’s the reality of my Christmas Eve. But do you know what? You don’t need a spotless carpet to have a nice Christmas. It’ll only end up with more bits on it tomorrow.

It’s been a funny old day. I’ve wrapped my boyfriend’s presents and realised they’re maybe not the best. I hope he’ll still like me after tomorrow. (I’m sure he will). I’ve sat and watched films. I’ve gotten myself a free office chair (oh yeah, I know how to live up a Christmas Eve). I’ve eaten sausages cooked on an open fire and developed a very disconcerting ache across both my legs despite not doing anything I can think of to cause leg ache.

I’m excited for tomorrow, I hope everyone is happy. It feels funny to think that at this time tomorrow it’ll all be over. All that shopping, all that preparation and panic! For one little day. I wouldn’t swap it though. I just hope next year to be a bit less stressed and a bit more organised. But even if I’m not, it’ll still be worth it.

Being a grown up, what I’m most excited for to be honest is the break. The chance to relax and have the odd lie in. To not have to got to bed and get to sleep at 10pm if I don’t want to (although I probably will). I’m also extremely excited for a week of eating my favourite kind of meal: random bits of food on a plate. Bit of turkey, some cheese, a cracker, a handful of peanuts. Just stuff like that. Oh yeah. Yum.

I’m going to do some thinking about what I want to do next year and try and get organised for it by filling in my diary and calendar. If I can make it past March I’ll be proud of myself.

I might even try and pre-write some posts for this blog because I’ve really enjoyed Blogmas and it’s reminded me how much I have missed doing this.

I’ll see you sometime soon. I’m not sure when but it should be before the year is out.

Have a Very Merry Christmas if you’re celebrating it and be happy.

Charlotte x