The funny thing about getting older is that the actual Christmas Day has become less of an event and the in up seems to become far more important.

When you’re little, it’s all about the big day. About finding out what Father Christmas has brought you. When you’re a grown up, there’s so much to do in the weeks preceding Christmas. Shopping, food prep and seeing friends and family. I think my event calendar has been fairly restrained but even I’ve had about 5 or 6 events in December.

But here we are, with just two more sleeps to go and my mind is already wandering to beyond the big day. Of course I am excited for the day itself. The food, the presents, spending time with family. But I’m also feeling a lot of anticipation for the new year.

I’m already thinking of all the things I want to do, things I’d like to improve on, stuff I’d like to try. I’m looking forward to new adventures, challenges. I’m looking forward to filling in my calendar and diary. I’m looking forward to having fun.

It is very possible that this is going to be my last Christmas celebrating in the way I always have. Next year, all going well I should be in my own little house with The Boy. I don’t know how Christmas will go, how it will be shared out between families. So I’m just going to enjoy this one as much as I can and make next year as awesome as possible so that by the time the next one rolls around l be ready to take on anything.

Only two more sleeps to go!
Only one more post!
Thank goodness, I’m running out of ideas.

Charlotte x