I am so out of sorts that I forgot it was Friday and that I upload this so I forced myself to write another post when I had this one ready made! But with this being a weekly review it’s not like it would really save for another time. So some a hastily made title image and here we are! 

Saturday 17th December
Going for a crisp walk in the park with the boy

Hanging out on the sofa instead of doing DIY. It was such a treat.

The Strictly Come Dancing final. Well done Ore!

Sunday 18th December
Tidying and hoovering up. Doesn’t sound fun but I feel much better for it.

Making a start on planning how to install my new bathroom. I’ve chosen a very awkward set of taps that require some head scratching but they’ll be beautiful when they’re in.

Family Christmas tea. My Key Lime Pie was very well received! (Not pictured, but check out that buffet)!

Monday 19th December
Funny ‘voice control’ text messages from The Boy. It didn’t like his voice.

Going out for tea with three of my most favourite people.

Getting a surprise Christmas Tree.

Tuesday 20th December
Catching a Lapras at lunch time!

Buying a beautiful new jumper. I’m hoping that this will be the catalyst for my only buying quality clothes and clothes that I love.

Drawing a fun doodle of a Dolphin wearing a top hat smoking a pipe.

Wednesday 21st December
Doing more doodles as office entertainment. An Alpaca playing scrabble and Santa robbing a bank.

Actually having some work to do and getting on a roll!

Going to see The Boy’s family on his Dad’s side. Fish and Chips for tea and Pokémon evolving on the sofa.

Thursday 22nd December
Being trusted to go on an errand at work by a quite high up manager.

Having fun at the work Christmas do. The photo booth was the best thing.

Knowing when to call it quits and come home after feeling quite anxious for a lot of the day. Sometimes you have to know what’s actually for the best even if it’s not necessarily what you want to happen.

Friday 23rd December
Having a MASSIVE lie in. What feels like the first time in months.

Having warm hard boiled eggs for lunch. Again, sometimes it’s the little things. I flipping love a warm hard boiled egg and I don’t care who knows it.

Having fun in the supermarket comparing Colgate and discovering the first sign of the apocalypse. Burger and Pizza flavour spreads. I am actually disgusted.


Charlotte x