So far this year I’ve had a team Christmas meal, a childhood friend Christmas meal, a family Christmas Tea (buffet style held at a house where everyone comes along), I’ve got the all conpany ‘Festive Lunch’ tomorrow and I had another Christmas meal with friends on Monday (I’m not sure how to describe this group as it’s two of my very best friends who happen to be sisters and my boyfriend who has inherited them).

We because big sister crosses groups with the childhood friend group we not all swap presents then but because there are still presents to be exchanged between little sister and I and between my boyfriend and them etc we have a separate meet up. We normally go to our local, fail safe pub. Order a chicken platter to share as well as meals and sides and end up so full I feel sick. But this year we decided to branch out. This year we went somewhere new. We decided to go to a new restaurant in Wakefield called the New York Italian Restaurant. The sisters had been before but it was a new experience for me and the boy.

It was lovely. It’s only a small place with maybe about 15 tables and the staff were really friendly. Big sister ordered her pudding before the main by asking if they had any red velvet cake they needed to save her a slice. That’s a good recommendation of a cake right there if it’s so good you need to bagsy a slice in case some other cheeky diner tries to get in there first.

We had starters or either prawns or dough balls (there were other choices that’s just what we picked) and then it was the main show! The food was excellent. I managed to get some snaps which I will share now.

My meal: meatballs, herb potatoes and winter veggies
Big Sister’s Meal: Carbonara (is that spelt right?)
Little Sister’s Meal: Lasagne with bonus side of green beans
The Boy’s meal: The biggest Calzone.

I ordered the meatballs which were described on the menu as coming with herb potatoes. Me being me I thought, Oh, better order a side of veg. You can’t just have meat and potatoes for tea’. Sensible idea I thought and I did really enjoy my veggies but as you can see I ended up with three full bowls of food. Even though I stopped eating well before I wanted to (that’s how tasty it was) in an attempt to not get too full by the time I got home I think the food had grown somehow in my belly and I was very much stuffed up the point of needing to lie down.

I would love to go again and there were several things on the menu I wanted to try so I think it will definitely be on the recommended list for future gatherings.

Only 3 more sleeps to go!

Charlotte x