Christmas is a time for gatherings, some of which can be a little bit awkward or induce nerves, for me at least! Whether it’s the work do with colleagues outside your team, family members you don’t see often or spending celebrations with the family and / or friends of a partner who you might not know, or have even met before.

Over the past few days my office has been on the wind down and as such we’ve been feeling extra merry and having lots of daft chats. And from these I have managed to pull some fun ice breaker questions that I think you might be able to use when conversation runs a bit dry.

If you had a child who you could only name after a fruit, what would you name it? 

Separate answers for boys and girls. 

If you were a biscuit, what biscuit would you be? 

This is actually lifted from a list of unusual interview questions.

What was better when you were younger that is worse now?

E.g. Wagon Wheels. 

What things were worse when you were younger that are better now? 

Best answer in my office: Seedless grapes. 

If you were in charge of football, what would you change? 

My answers were to standardise the price of pies and make players not actively playing do laps. 
Do you have any good ways of getting through awkward social gatherings? Please do share and let me know!

Charlotte x