Another week, and other #feelgoodfriday is upon us. I definitely like keeping these little positive moments. I highly recommend it.
Saturday 10th December

  1. Wrapping Christmas presents and decorating the tree
  2. Catching a ditto on Pokémon Go!
  3. Seeing my friends, sharing good food, laughs, chats and losing track of time.

Sunday 11th December

  1. Seeing all the rest of the Christmas decorations that my smoky had put up after I went out yesterday.
  2. Having a nap.
  3. Scraping wallpaper off the living room ceiling in our bungalow renovation.
  4. Having pizza for tea and driving to get the pizza myself! Confidence building.

Monday 12th December

  1. Waking up and my eyes looking ALMOST normal. (I have eczema around my eyes and have been battling it for a long time).
  2. Tasty soup for lunch. Always like having soup for lunch although it is heavy to carry!
  3. My bath tap being delivered and it being gorgeous!

Tuesday 13th December

  1. Getting what I think is my last Christmas present (apart from little bits like booze for people).
  2. Getting a light fitting for my little house renovation.
  3. Fixing a kitchen drawer at work! DIY! The below picture is before the repair obviously!

Wednesday 14th December

  1. Having a really productive morning, got on a right roll at work.
  2. Going shopping after work with my mum and sister, failed to get a Christmas jumper but still fun.
  3. Going to Jamie’s for tea. Never been before, quite nice, plus I liked that they had proper cloth napkins.

Thursday 15th December

  1. Getting all my presents wrapped up and ready to go
  2. Going out for a cheeky Chinese for tea
  3. Going to see a National Theatre Live Stream event of No Man’s Land by Harold Pinter. Really good show.

Friday 16th December

  1. Getting a good roll on at work. It’s been hard getting on a roll this week, I think it’s because I know it’s nearly the holidays!
  2. Seeing all the nice people at work, one lady who rarely comes into the office and one lady who won’t be working in our building anymore after today brought us some chocolates.
  3. Getting yet another couple of presents. Plus really nice shop assistants make my day!
  4. Hatching a SNORLAX!
  5. Getting a full page of Christmas Pikachus and evolving a Christmas Raichu!

Overall it’s been a good week. I try to keep this as the week goes on, but reading back over it when I put it together for this post is really helping me to focus on the positive things. 

Charlotte x