I am not sure about the structure of this post yet but I have a lot of thoughts about gift wrapping and all that jazz so let’s see what happens!

The Surprise
Yes wrapping is worth it because it adds to the level of surprise and excitement. Sometimes I think I might just pop things in a gift bag and seal it up but it’s much more fun to have everything hidden away so the recipient doesn’t know what it is.

The Cost
If it’s all about creating the surprise though, what level of spending should go on wrapping paper? Do you go budget, three rolls for a pound? Or do you go luxury 3 quid for a roll? I really like nice wrapping paper and I love some o the designs but I find it hard to spend that much money on what will essentially become rubbish as soon as it’s stopped being a disguise. And if that’s what it’s job is, why not just use some newspaper? My other half once used free metros as wrapping paper. He used to puzzle page for my mum and gave her an extra present right there.

The Neat-ness
I always seem to end up buying unusually shaped presents. So what it the etiquette here? It’s hard to do neat wrapping on a novelty mug or unusual ornament but we I feel guilty if the wrapping looks messy. It seems to send out a message of ‘I wasn’t bothered’ in turn suggesting you’re not bothered about the recipient which just isn’t true.

Fun or Fancy
Do you go for fun, colourful wrapping with bows and ribbons or do you go for something classy involving cellophane and gold stars? Do you get wrapping paper with sprouts all over it or pugs in hats or do you go down the plain brown paper route with twine? I have done classic and crazy and always find it hard to know what to do. This year I’ve ended up with a rather boring brown with trees on it design but it’ll just have to do.

The Organisation Factor
I don’t know about you but I always feel more organised once everything is wrapped up and ready to go. I’ve had years where I’ve wrapped presents for my family on Christmas morning which is not the way to do it. But I also have this thing about not wanting to at everything wrapped up too early. Somehow I feel like I will miss out of some of the festive spirit and magic when I won’t at all. I like wrapping presents but I don’t get a massive Christmassy boost out of it. I would probably be better off just wrapping stuff as I buy it and savouring that feeling of organisation. This freeing up more time to actually feel calm and enjoy the run-up to Christmas.

What do you do for wrapping Christmas presents? Are you all out or carrier bag?

Charlotte x