It’s been quite a full on day today. After work I met my mum and sister to go Christmas Jumper jumper where we quickly realised that we had missed the boat as we couldn’t really find many. Either that or there just aren’t very many Christmas jumpers about this year.

Anyway, after establishing there was a distinct lack, finding a ‘Non-Christmas’ jumper that wasn’t available in my size we headed out for tea. We ended had booked to go to Jamie’s which my sister loves. Me and my mum have never been. I’ll be honest, there wasn’t too much on the menu that I fancied, I just wanted a basic pasta with a tomato sauce, maybe a bit of mozzarella but they don’t do that. I ended up with some sort of cheesy, leek thing wrapped up in a pancake. 

It was tasty, but not that filling. A good time was had by all though and my mum wanted to eat everything on the menu it seems so there was at least one new recruit in the party.

But mostly what I’m going to be sharing with you today is my tour of Leeds’ Christmas Trees which is probably not comprehensive but it was conducted on my lunch break and briefly after work so here we go!

Leeds Train Station

A nice simple affair, nothing to hold or garish.

The Victoria Quarter

A bit more sparkle and razzle-dazzle but I do have to admit I miss the full on disco ball tree. This one has an air of trying to be tasteful that’s just not doing it for me.

Victoria Gate

No tree in the Victoria Gate. Nothing so garish. But they do have the same theme decorations as the Victoria Quarter. They really are tying to make out that they’re the same thing even though there’s a main road between them.

Leeds Market

Just a cute little tree next to the Marks and Spencer stall. Very unpretentious and quite tucked away. I like it.


Possibly the biggest tree I’ve ever seen. It has mistletoe at the bottom and the tree blushes if you kiss under it.

City Square

More lights than tree but a delight to see twinkling in the darkness.

If you know of any other good trees in Leeds that I have missed or have a nice tree from torn beck of the woods please do let me know. I Iove seeing them all, and it’s going to seem so bare in January when they disappear!

Charlotte x