Do you have any Christmas traditions ? Things that you have to do each year for it to feel properly like Christmas?

I’ve got a few and because I’m moving out soon, I feel a little wistful that this is probably my last year of experiences them all the the full. I am looking forward to creating our own traditions though over the years to come.

Christmas Eve Tea
Every Christmas Eve we have sausage sandwiches. Not just any sausages sandwiches though. These are sandwiches that we cook on the fire. We are lucky enough to have a proper open fire in the living room so we get the cast iron pan out, chuck some sausages on and tuck in. We’ve only been doing this for three or four years but it’s definitely stuck and something I look forward to. It’s like the grown-up alternative to the leaving a mince pie out for Santa. It signals it’s Christmas tomorrow and sets up the anticipation.

Santa Sacks
When my sister and I were little my mum made us a sack each to leave out under the tree for Santa to put our presents in. We would carefully write our names on bits of paper and my mum would safety pin them on so he would know which was which. My sister now just sticks her name badge from work on hers and I’m not sure I did anything last year. We are both mid-twenties plus though so I would hope he knew by now. We always put them on the same side of the tree.

Holly in the mirror
This is a relatively new one to our house but not a new tradition to the family. When my mum was growing up, her mum (my granny) had a mirror that has a little cut out detail at the top. Every year my granny would go out, cut a sprig of holly and stick in in the hole. Since we inherited said mirror, we have carried on the tradition. It just feels right to do so.

Festive Chicken
Possibly my favourite. One day, my dad was getting out of the car (I think somewhere like B&Q) and he found this weird little chicken toy on the floor. He looks a predecessor of an Angry Bird. 

For whatever reason my dad took a shine to him and brought him home. My mum wasn’t as enamoured but still gave him a run though the washer. I can’t remember if this was near Christmas or not but at some point during the nearest Christmas me and my dad decided it would be a great idea to put him in the tree. My mum HATES him. So every year we sneak him in there and wait for her to find him in a flurry or annoyance. It wouldn’t be Christmas without Festive Chicken although I do worry that one year my mum will throw him out before I can rescue him.

What are some of your traditions? Do you have any silly ones like Festive Chicken or nice ones like visiting relatives?