They say friends are the family you choose. Some people like to have loads of friends, to have mass gatherings of 20, 30 or even more people. Some people like to have a few close friends. That’s me. I find nice good people and I cling on for dear life.

Today is what I generally think of as my ‘Core’ friend group. They’re the friends I’ve known since Primary school. This group used to be about twice as big but over the years we’ve lost people along the way as we grew apart, they changed or stopped coming.

We went for a meal, shared good and stories and went back to a someone’s for the present swap. There are 4 of us in the group and the way we deal with present buying is we all get 1 big present and 2 little presents. And we have arranged who buys who the big presents to be the same every year because we’ve known each other long enough to say, ‘look I find you hard enough to buy for on your birthday’. This was set up basically to accommodate for the fact that even though we have less friends, all have jobs unlike when we were younger, we are also grown ups who have bills and whatnot so we basically can’t afford to buy 3 big presents.

There is always apologising about the small presents (and sometimes the big ones) saying we’re sorry there wasn’t more or I hope you like it etc. I don’t think a single one of us could care less. For me, of someone said ‘I can’t afford it this year’ I wouldn’t mind a bit and I hope they would think the same if I said it. I would rather just use it as the excuse to meet up and catch up. The problem with being grownups is that inevitably, calendars get busy and I don’t see my friends as often as I’d like. So what I really enjoy about these things is seeing my friends. Not the presents, not the food, the time.

This is supposed to be Blogmas day 10. But it’s going up on what is technically the morning of Day 11 because we lost track of time and I’ve only just got home to write the darn thing. And those are my absolute favourite times. I am an anxious person, always worrying about where I should be or what people are expecting of me. So to have an evening where I am so happy in the company of good friends that I have no concern for the fact that it is actually tomorrow is wonderful.

Christmas is a wonderful excuse for this and it is truly a highlight of my year.

I guess I’ll see you later today for actual Blogmas Day 11!

Charlotte x