Saturday 3rd December

  • Decorating the Christmas tree and putting all the trimmings up in my parents house in Filey. 

  • Watching Flushed Away and laughing ally. Definitely funnier than I thought it was.
  • Trying a new squash: Apple and mango. It’s the little things sometimes.

Sunday 4th December

  • Having some quiet time to myself and catching up on some Christmas You Tube
  • Having a comforting tomato soup for tea
  • Having cosy PJs to relax in

Monday 5th December

  • Seeing mum at lunch time for a tasty hot chocolate.
  • Getting another Christmas present bought. Phew!
  • Evolving a lot of Pokémon for the XP!

Tuesday 6th December

  • Going to the Lindt shop for pick and mix chocolates.
  • Plodding away with a sorting job at work. Boring, but oddly satisfying.
  • Finding two pairs of lost gloves and a stocking filler I thought I’d lost.

Wednesday 7th December

  • Getting to the poundshop before work to get some Christmas bits and bobs before the lunchtime rush.
  • Cheering a stressed out colleague up. I got him a cola and told him he was doing a great job. It’s tough when stuff goes wrong.
  • The return of Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas!

Thursday 8th December

  • Having the most productive day I’ve had in such a long time
  • Walking almost 9 miles!
  • Really fun work Christmas do, the best one in 6 years I would say!
  • Seeing The Witches at the playhouse (bonus 4th thing today)!

Friday 9th December

  • Having a really nice catch up and chat with some colleagues at work. 
  • Getting the last bit of a friend’s Christmas present. It is SO CUTE!
  • After work trip with the Boy to go to the shops and for a hotdog.

I can’t decide if it feels like the week has dragged or if it’s flown by. I have no concept of time at the moment, I’m basically just hanging on for the Christmas break. 

Charlotte x