Today has been my most productive day Christmas wise so far. I have made two Christmas ornaments, completed two presents, wrapped some more. I have also done some other non-Christmas list things that were really becoming quite niggly on my todo list as well. If my Pokémon buddy is counting accurately so far I have walked almost 6km which is fair going I think for half a day’s effort.
As I write this I am on the train heading to my office Christmas meal and then on to my Christmas theatre night with friends. Before I can attend either though I have to power through the town centre to buy our manager a leaving present. Phew. It’s a busy day. So I hope you will forgive me a slightly lazy post today. I was going to do a piece on my thoughts on gift wrapping or writing cards but I just don’t have the brain commitment or photos I wanted to do it. So… instead… I’m going to share with you some festive pictures and hope I’m awake enough tomorrow to get back on the ball!

This is one of those decorations that we’ve always had. I don’t know where it’s from and it might not be the current fashion but I love all the old decs. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

We bought this little handmade reindeer at a craft market raising money for the sea cadets. If you squeeze the sides his little mouth opens and you can pop in a chocolate! Great alternative to novelties.

You’ve got to have a bit of glitter and Disney at Christmas. We got this one from Disneyland Paris and it’s one of my favourites. His ear got broken off one year but my dad lovingly repaired him.

I love this triangular Santa. I don’t know why he just makes me smile so much.

I’m not one of those ‘themed tree’ people I like to throw everything at it and have a riot of colour and festivities!

I hope you liked this little tour around some of my favourite decorations. I promise I’ll do something more substantial going forward. 


Charlotte x