(Or lack there of).

Christmas. A time of happiness, fun and MAJOR PLANNING NEEDS!

Every year I think, I’m gonna be so organised this Christmas. And every year I forget how bad I am at organising myself. I’m not doing too badly this year, present shopping wise I’ve only got a few more things to get, but I feel overwhelmed regardless because I just don’t seem to be able to keep track of where I am with it all. What have I got? Who am I meeting when and where? Do I have appropriate outfits for the aforementioned events? Am I sending cards to office? I am just not on it.

I am asking, does anyone have any suggestions for how to keep on top of Christmas (or life?!) I’m thinking I’m going to have to set up a spreadsheet for next year with alert reminders of something but I just don’t know what will work. I never seem to be able to stick to a planning / organisation method. I’ve tried paper diaries, both normal and Filofax style. Using my phone. Making timetables and lists galore. I always stop using it, get bored and move onto something else.

As it happens, this year I have a box of presents and several bitty to do lists on my phone. Next year, I will also have a whole house to decorate and sort out too.

I have promised Christmas baking and while I had all the best intentions and looked up loads of cool ideas on Pinterest, have I gotten anything ready? Have I left time to make them? No.

Tomorrow I have TWO Christmas events. A work meal in the afternoon and a show in the evening. So that only gives me about 3 spare hours in the morning in which I’m supposed to tidy up, wrap up, bake, cook and whatever else is scattered across my todo lists. Oh dear.

Every year my resolution is to be more organised. And every year I get to Christmas and it really smacks me in the face that I’ve failed. Christmas 2017. That’s the year for me.

I really would appreciate any tips and suggestions anyone would like to share.

Charlotte x