I am a firm believer that laughter is one of the most important things in life and as such, I love a comedian. My other half loves Ross Noble so much that he bought tickets for his November 2016 tour date over a year in advance. And if that wasn’t commitment enough he went for front row. And he bought three tickets when originally he only wanted two because the booking site wouldn’t let him leave a single empty seat.

This is how close we were. Ross is looking very distorted.

At the point of booking, I had only seen him on panel shows like QI and wasn’t sure if he was my cup of tea.

We managed to see him earlier this year and I was reassured that I would indeed find him funny but even so, the idea of front row still seemed a bit intimidating but I was brave and went along.

First of all, I had no need to worry about being in the front row as Ross was lovely. No mean comments, just friendly genuine interaction. I know this as The Boy actually managed to bait Ross into a conversation with a controversial comment about Newcastle. The only thing I had to worry about was the slight set malfunction where the screen which was hiding the stage before Ross came on fell down on to the front row. Most unexpected but still quite funny.

Much like when I saw him earlier in the year, I can’t remember that much of what happened. If you don’t know Ross, it’s very stream of consciousness, random, out there. In his own words he is ‘obliged to follow and idea as far as it will go’. The only thing with that is that he can get easily distracted so ideas often chop and change and get revisited.

The main highlights I can remember were:
• The Boy being dubbed ‘Professor Binman’
• Ross doing a top notch impression of me rolling my eyes and shaking my head’
• Him attempting to throw some biscuits to an audience members who while attempting to catch them inadvertently threw his pint all over himself and the chap behind him.
• The advice ‘For the rest of the week, don’t shove a weasel up your arse’.

I know there was so much more. There was something about punching other people’s children. Something about raising money for charity by smearing dog faeces on your face and several impressions of Ozzy Osbourne.

The main thing that I can remember was laughing so much that my ace ached and my sides hurt. Which has to be a good review for any comedian surely. I would absolutely go see him again and I would be more than happy to front row it too. Certainly worth waiting over a year for and a definite highlight of my week.

Who’s the best comedian you’ve seen? I’m hoping to go and see more in 2017 as an evening of laughter is never a bad idea to me!

Charlotte x