Yesterday, I wrote a post about how I struggle with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which was quite hard for me to share but I am glad I did. The more people talk about these things the more they seem normal, just like someone saying they have a cold.

I’ve been feeling pretty low again today but I don’t want to to dwell on the down times and instead I want to champion the little things that we can take enjoyment in.

I am a great believer in enjoying the little things all year round. I think if you can take pleasure in the little things you will have a happier life.

I’ve never seen an upside down tree before!

Today, my mum came into town where I work and suggested we met up during my lunch break for a cup of tea. This was a lovely surprise and something I was was glad to do. We went to a lovely little tearoom near my office, I had hot chocolate and she had coffee and a sandwich (I had already brought a lunch). Even though I was feeling quite low and I was fretting that I wouldn’t have time to get the present I’d planned to buy on my lunch break it was a lovely little break, a little pause in my day yay wasn’t rush rush rush.

Cute window display

It’s something I should make more time for, take more opportunities to do. Enjoy the little treats.

A hot chocolate Her Majesty would be proud to enjoy!

For example, I have been using the headspace app for a while now during my morning commute and I was really looking forward to doing it today. I indulged myself in those 10 minutes of calm and focus and I felt better for them.

Last night, I had a tin of tomato soup. Nothing special, but there’s something so comforting an warm about it. Like childhood. While I was eating it, everything was okay again for a while.

I think, I would like to make myself a little notebook with suggestions for little things to do when things are hard. As I said yesterday, I’m not always present enough to think of what to do, so a handy go to guide with suggestions would be very helpful for me.

What little things do you take pleasure in? Do you have a go to comfort food or activity?

Here’s hoping for a cheery tomorrow!

Charlotte x