What are your favourite things about Christmas?
Is it the food? The presents? The decorations?

Perhaps it’s going to the pantomime, a Christmas market or being allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast?

Now what if I said you weren’t allowed any of those things. No big things. No obvious things. What are the small things? The tiny things? The teeny little things that just make it Christmas? I had a moment recently where I realised what a few of these things were for me.

Number 1: The smell of tinsel.
Now obviously I LOVE tinsel. It’s so awesome and shiny and fun. Massive tinsel fan. But doesn’t it have a good smell? And I’m not even sure it’s all tinsel. I think it is probably just old tinsel that had been boxed up for a year (ideally repeatedly). So I guess what I like is the smell of dusty tinsel. In a way it is a bit like that central heating smell that you get in winter which I’m sure is just the smell of warmed up dust. Funny thing is, I am pretty sure I have some sort of allergy to dust so it’s not really the best thing for me.

Number 2: Really old kitchen roll.
And old boxes too. I love the strange nostalgia that comes with boxes of ornaments that are more tape than box. And that are probably designs you can’t even get anymore. It’s like having an actual Roses Tin rather than a plastic tub that just isn’t the same at all. And unwrapping all the glass baubles and carefully saving the kitchen paper for next year because goodness knows we can’t keep hold of original packaging, but kitchen roll with the snowman or a Noah’s ark scene (yes this is what I found this year -we don’t even buy novelty kitchen roll!) we can hang onto that stuff for decades on end.

Number 3: The sound of decorating the tree.
Yes. Not just the act of decorating the tree bit the sounds that it makes. We have a fake tree, so I don’t know if this would apply in the same way with a real one though, I’ll have to get one one day and compare. With a fake tree though there is a delightful rustling sound of the bauble against the branches as you put them on. The tinsel rustles too. There is an occasional little ‘clink’ sound when you tap a glass ornamental. It’s just a nice familiar comforting sound.

Number 4: The scratchy feeling of putting up the tree. We have an artificial tree and pulling all the branches out is an uncomfortable experience. I hate it every time but I don’t think it would be the same without it.

Number 5: Taking the lights off the tree. Now obviously, taking down the Christmas decorations isn’t fun at all. The house feels so big and empty and sad once they’ve gone. But I like taking the lights down off the tree because to do so, I twirl around and wrap myself in them to keep them from getting in a big tangled mess. And then for one brief minute I am lit up like the proverbial Christmas Tree and I am happy.

So come on, have a think and let me know what are the little things that you enjoy about Christmas?

Charlotte x