Welcome back to the second of my weekly summaries where I keep a diary of 3 good things from each day. This week the things that have kept me going are:

Saturday 26th November

  • Really good progress on the bungalow. Fitted the new bathroom light and moved the stairs light switch.
  • Reassurance from my dad that things are going well with the house. He knows a lot and likes things to be just right, so it meant a lot for him to say he thought we were doing well.
  • Catching up on QI and laughing so much.

Sunday 27th November

  • Finding out the rewiring is nearly finished. Only about a day or so left to go.
  • Going on a Pokémon walk and catching a diglet!
  • Making my first bookfold Christmas Decoration.

Monday 28th November

  • Having a delicious pasta salad that I premade the night before. So organised.
  • Wrapping my first Christmas present.
  • Forgetting my purse, so just going for a nice walk at lunchtime.

Tuesday 29th November

Taking delivery of my new bath and toilet! We’ll have a bathroom before the year is out!

  • Having a lovely pumpkin soup for lunch. Healthy, hearty and tasty.
  • Tidying out more drawer at work and feeling organised.

Wednesday 30th November

  • Seeing one of my absolute best friends for a brew and an impromptu dinner.
  • The impromptu dinner which was Halloumi and Chunky Chips!

  • Going to see Ross Noble live in the front row and actually getting a bit of an interaction.

Thursday 1st November

  • Finishing my homemade advent calendar for my boyfriend.

  • Giving the advent calendar to my boyfriend and he seemed to really like it.
  • Being organised the night before and getting my clothes ready and pre-packing the bag.

Friday 2nd December

  • Getting a better version of outlook at work, makes everything so much easier.
  • Going to Filey for the weekend.
  • Seeing all the Christmas lights people have put up on their houses on the way.

So that my friends was my weekly highlights. I’ve really enjoyed adding the pictures in this time so I think I’ll try and continue that. 

Do you keep a good things diary? What are some good things that have happened in your week? I’d love to know. 


Charlotte x