It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas… everywhere you go!

It’s been looking a lot like Christmas for a while now. Practically since Halloween really but it’s only in the past few days that I’ve really started to get that full on festive feeling.

I normally do a Reviewsday Tuesday post but I haven’t seen any shows or finished any new books this week so instead I am going to share with you how I am feeling about Christmas.

First of all, I want it to be Christmas. I want the tree, the lights, the tinsel. Oh yes. I like winter, but winter doesn’t like me and I often wind up feeling pretty ill and down at the time of year. So any extra fun and colours and lights are definitely on my tick list to cheer myself up.

I have managed to do a fair amount of Christmas shopping but there is still some stuff to get, including a couple of big ones for very important people. And while I might be feeling all festive and happy, the fact that everyone else is also trying to get their shopping done is really putting a downer on my Christmas vibes.

Town was packed today at lunchtime. I only managed to get half the things I planned and found myself weaving around endless other people who in all probability had left their office/home feeling full of seasonal spirit too only to be annoyed that I was in their way! Never mind. There’s some stuff I can order online… hopefully it will come in time!

But most of all I am looking forward to all the Christmas events. I am seeing a friend tomorrow, which will probably be the last time I see her until next year. I’ve got a team Christmas party next week and my Christmas theatre show (Look out for that on a future Reviewsday Tuesday!). Then I’ve got a friend meet up and present swap at the weekend. Small break to be followed by a further friend Christmas meal and then finally the big shebang of the Company festive lunch. It’s just a jam-packed festival of fun that I am so looking forward to.

The only thing I wish I had done was prepare more handmade presents. I love doing handmade things, that I can really put my time and energy into but this whole year has just been one thing after another and the 29th of November is a bit late to start any big projects. I’m sure I can sneak a couple of little ones in though, even if it’s just some Christmas baking to share.

What are your favourite things about Christmas? Have you got he tree up or are you a traditional Christmas Eve sort of person? Just tell me I’m not alone in my festive feelings!

Charlotte x