On numerous occasions I have tried to keep a ‘Three Good Things’ diary. The idea being that even on the worst day you can find three things that you can say were good. I feel better when I keep this diary, but I always find I end up missing a day or stopping all together. I don’t have the best discipline at things like this. Hopefully, this attempt will continue for a long while.

Here are some things that I have found to be good over the past week. 

Friday 18th November

  1.  Watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at Midnight.
  2.  Feeling pretty awake after only 4 hours sleep.
  3. Having a cheeky Chinese takeaway

Saturday 19th November

  1. Lazy morning lie in
  2.  Having a cheeky Indian takeaway (two takeaways in a weekend isn’t a usual occurrence but very enjoyable one).
  3. Having a lush bath and watching YouTube videos.

Sunday 20th November

  1. Having a good tidy up, it feels good to clear up the mess.
  2. Getting supplies at Wickes for our new bathroom.
  3. Making Coconut Chicken Stir fry for tea.

Monday 21st November

  1. Arriving at the train station at exactly the right time to get the train.
  2. Leftover coconut chicken for lunch. Really tasty.
  3. Getting some Christmas shopping done at lunchtime.

Tuesday 22nd November

  1. Good electrical work at the bungalow
  2. Watching Dave Gorman
  3. Getting Cursed Child Tickets!

Wednesday 23rd November

  1. Listening to new podcast episodes
  2. Getting some more bits for Christmas presents at lunchtime
  3. Seeing the progress of the electrical work in my new house.

Thursday 24th November

  1. Getting some bargain light fittings for the new house.
  2. Making my Christmas plan.
  3. Going out for tea for a birthday.

Friday 25th November

  1. Having a fun day at work. Good people and good chats.
  2. Eating the tastiest jacket potato for lunch. Including beetroot which I didn’t realise I actually liked!
  3. More good food, homemade chilli for tea.

What things have made you smile this week? I’d love to hear about them. I’m hoping to make this a weekly series so all being well I will see you next week. 

Charlotte x