Everyone who has ever been to a party has done the Time Warp. You know, that dance where you jump to the left and step to the right etc. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you open up YouTube and find the song and do the routine right now.

Okay, so now you’ve done that I suggest you abandon your plans and put the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show on. It’s cold and dark now that’s it’s winter and I’m sure it’ll cheer you up. It would me.

The beginning and the end.
Now I will admit I’ve not been a big Rocky Horror fan until quite recently. It’s not that I wasn’t a fan, it’s just one of those things that had passed me by. But when the opportunity came to actually go and see the show I thought ‘Why not? The bits I’ve seen look fun’ so I promptly said yes and put the film on. I have to admit I was a bit confused as to the fact that they were aliens but fair enough.

Then came the thought of dressing up to go see the show. My understanding was that everyone gets their best corset out and go for it. I, and the people I went with didn’t. We chose to get themed t-shirts and I was relieved to find that we weren’t the only people who weren’t in stockings and suspenders although strangely enough I don’t actually think it would’ve been weird if we had been, even though that isn’t my usual dress-sense. It kind of felt like my high school prom. We all felt a bit awkward in our formal wear at first but then we got used to it. If I ever go again (which I fully intend to do) I would consider a Columbia costume. Maybe not in November though. I left the theatre in my jeans, boots, jumper and coat and was COLD! Goodness knows what the poor folk in just their underwear must have been feeling!

It was a non stop riot. I didn’t know all the heckles and things to shout out but it was really funny hearing them. I felt a bit sorry for the narrator who at one point I’m sure just wanted to do his speech and go home! He dealt with it all very well though, giving back as good as he got.

Dr. F was excellent, as was everyone else! Rocky was dark haired in this production and was wearing leopard print shorts rather than gold which made him feel a bit like a strange sexy Flintstones character which was a little bit odd but his choreographed press up/dance routine was incredible.

All the songs were top notch, not a bad singer in the bunch and the dance routines were awesome. The ONLY issue was the large head in front of me obscuring at least a third of the stage! Large portions of the show were blocked out and I was giving myself a cricked neck trying to lean around! So far my check list for going again is:
Warmer weather to allow for fancy dress.
Seat without giant head to block view.

My subtlety themed t-shirt which offers good advice regardless of if you know it’s from the film or not.

Yes, a lot of the show is about sex and kinky things and aliens. Which might not be your thing. But it’s also about doing what you love and being happy and comfortable with who you are. Which can’t be a bad thing.

I will definitely go and see this again. You should see it too!

Pip pip,
Charlotte x