First of all I would like to thank my ‘Surrogate Family’ (the family of my best friends) and in particular my friend Rose for making this possible. She was unable to go along to their family trip to the theatre due to university commitments and subbed me in instead! Thanks guys. 

So it’s been a while since I’ve been to see a show, but very unexpectedly I ended up going to see The King and I at the weekend at my local theatre. 
Now, the last time I saw something there was back in the #7playsin7days period and the last show was pretty dire. It didn’t EPL of course that I was shattered from going out for 7 nights in a row but it wasn’t the best story in my opinion and also I didn’t think the performance itself was very good. Each to their own. 
This experience combines with the fact that I didn’t know anything about who was putting on the show left me feeling a bit anxious. Was it a professional group? Am-dram? Somewhere in between? My friend had told me she’d seen them do Legally Blonde before and had enjoyed it so that gave me hope. 
Let me just say, it was great. The King and I as one of my favourite films as a child and these guys did it justice. I’ve been singing ‘Whenever I feel afraid’ and ‘Uncle Thomas’ for the following four or five days now, which was both fun and annoying.
The acting was great, I especially liked Tuptin. Her recital of Uncle Tom’s cabin was excellent. But most of all, it made me want to rewatch the film and gave me a real feeling of childhood nostalgia. 
What other musicals / films do you think are worth watching? I’ve seen the musical of Chicago but am yet to watch the film. Is it worth it? I’m worried it won’t feel the same. 
Pip pip,