Top tips for visiting IKEA

1. If possible, go mid-week during the day. If necessary, book a day of work. You are better of losing the day’s leave or pay than the stress of going on a Saturday. It is NOT WORTH IT to go on a weekend. No. Just don’t do it. If you are going midweek, I’m afraid I haven’t tested ALL the days but Thursday is pretty calm and Friday was full of mums with kids.
2. Wear your comfy shoes. It’s a long walk.
3. Join IKEA family, even if it’s only to get a free cup of tea mid way round.
4. Have a mid way round tea break, you’ll feel better for having recuperation break.
5. Try to look at the website before you go and make a list of the sort of things you are looking for to avoid getting IKEA overload and sticking everything in your big yellow/blue shopper.
6. Do not buy all the cushions you didn’t go for. Or the utensils. Or candles and fake succulents. You will regret it later.
7. Sign into the wifi on entrance and open up Pokemon Go. I caught a fair few weedles today.
8. Don’t forget to visit bargain corner. I’ve only ever got one thing there but it’s always worth a look.
9. And definitely don’t forget the little mini supermarket after the tills. No trip to IKEA is complete without stocking up on coffee for my mum and a cheeky bag of Daim bars!
10. End every trip with a hotdog. Then you have something to look forward to once the novelty of the tea break has worn off.


Do you have any tips for getting through and IKEA visit with your bank balance and sanity intact? If so please share in a comment. I’d love to see what other people think about an IKEA visit!

Pip pip

Charlotte x