Not quite the Oscars but I had a good time.

So…now I’ve had a couple of days rest from all of the constant play excitement I feel like I can write up my final comments on the Wakefield Drama Festival or as I have been, and always will be calling it #7playsin7days.
Where to begin? At the beginning where Paul the Announcer (I only found out his name in the last two nights) explained how the festival worked and I couldn’t decide whether the idea of staying for the feedback was a good idea or not. Further in, where after Paul had made the same speech EVERY night and I was losing the will to turn up on time. I completely understand that not everyone went for all 7 nights and that he had to explain it for those who were new but it got pretty boring by night 3, I can only imagine the frustration of people who had been attending for years. Or do I begin at the end? Where the awards were given?

Yes… I shall begin at the end. I hadn’t realised this at first, but there was opportunity to vote for your favourite play, actors and directors. I thought it was just a little gimmick in the programme but once the final play had wrapped up, 7 night ticket holders were invited to collect voting slips which I wholeheartedly did. 

If you have read my previous blogs on the festival, you might have guessed the Two was my favourite. And if you didn’t, it was only because I was trying to be fair and positive about the other shows. Two was by far the best show, the best acted and the best directed. So that is how I voted. If they had had more than two actors I would have voted for them in the supporting actor/actress categories too. I did have my reservations though if they would win. Not because they didn’t deserve it, of course they did! But they performed on the quietest night and they weren’t the local companies which I had heard rumour generally pulled in the prizes. Myself, The Boy and our new in the real world friends fromTwitter gathered together to wait for the outcome. And boy were we surprised. Two practically did a clean sweep. I felt strangely proud for knowing it was the best. Clearly I am a theatre expert. Or, I just like a good laugh, well performed. Either way… I was happy and they looked shocked more than anything!

I would definitely attend the festival again. Although I might book the odd day off in between for a recovery day. I am not accustomed to going out so much! 

The audience was asked at the end to try to spread the word about the event, to help promote it and to make it more successful. I think this is a reasonable request, after all, I found out about the plays by word of mouth (well… Tweets but it’s the sa,e thing these days) but it did feel a bit cheeky when the theare itself doesn’t seem to promote its own event very well at all. It was hammered into me that this was the 16th year of the event but the first I heard of it was only a year or so ago. I didn’t see that the tickets had been announced this year save for being told by my Twitter informant. The theatre have a Twitter account  but no one seems to have shown them how to use it. Maybe they advertise locally, in the paper… I admit I’m not in town very often and I don’t buy the local rag, but I don’t think I am that out of the ordinary. Having had my little rant, I will try to spread the word, I’ve got a couple of people in mind who might be up for at least a few plays if not all 7. It seems such a shame more people don’t know about it and it was such an intense week… It really felt different and was quite a refreshing change, followed by what seems like quite a refreshing rest!

I’m off to try and think of something else to write about now… My #7playsin7days fodder has dried up now… Until next year!

Pip pip,
Charlotte x