Night Five

Another night… and pair of couples with marital problems. Unlike Abigail’s Party though this play was honest about the what indiscretions are taking place.

To quickly summarise, two couples have accidentally been booked into the same week of a Time Share. Hilarity ensues as their host fails to realise that he had been talking to two entirely different couples due to a combination of broken glasses and an increasing amount of gin consumption.

It was, to use a football phrase, a play of two halves. Pre-Interval comprises of each couple believing the other is the staff, plenty of made up Portuguese and the discovery that ‘Wife number 1’ is actually on holiday with someone who isn’t her husband. Post-Interval reveals that the second couple aren’t who they appear to be either and are also engaged in an affair! The couples argue over who will stay and keep the week which looks to be settled when threats to reveal one pairs indiscretions are made but the unexpected arrival of a mother in-law flips everything on its head again.

The plot might not have been the best I’ve ever come across but I thought the actors were great. Their timing was spot on and the laughs were frequent and hearty. Plus we experienced the moment of the week where the extremely drunk host staggers in during a celebratory moment and casually tips the champagne bottle in the hand of one of the guests so it discreetly fills his own glass. So smooth. You had to be their to truly understand the beauty of the move.

Mostly what I am after from a night at the theatre is to coem out the other end with a smile on my face and this play made sure that I did.

 Pip pip Charlotte x