Starting today, I will be attending Wakefield Theatre Royal’s week long Drama festival (I am unsure of it’s official name) which I, affectionately, know of as #7PlaysIn7Days. Much like good oil’ Ronseal that is what you get. One week, a different play every night.
I have known about this event for a couple of years now, but this is the first time of attending and I must admit to having mixed feelings about it.
First of all, I am excited. I love a good live show and would much rather see a play or musical than go to the cinema. In fact, upping my live theatre intake this is something that I am quite proud to have been able to achieve over the past couple of years with great thanks to The Boy for coming along. It is one part of my fantasy self that I have managed to achieve! And the prospect of cramming so many new shows in in such a shot space of time is very appealing. There are only two shows that I have heard of which makes the other 5 days nice and intriguing.
On the other hand though, I am a little… Concerned? Not for the shows particularly, if it’s a bad show, it’s a bad show. The first thing me and The Boy saw was a thing called the Three Penny Opera. Now we LOVED it, but the couple next to us were clearly unimpressed and failed to return for the second half. Their loss. But in my opinion, if it’s a bad show, it’s only a few hours out of your life and you’all probably get a good rant out of it in the office later anyway. No big shakes. My concern is my staying power. I am not a big socialiser, nor do I go ‘out-out’ that much. I like a set routine and bedtime and I’ve just done a trip to London where we saw not one but two performances in one day (reviews to follow soon!) which has left me a little tired. If only I liked coffee! This week at work is going to be tough. 
Overall though I am looking forward to it. It is certainly a very different way to spend a week and I look forward to posting my reviews on the shows here as the week progresses. 
Here’s hoping I can stay awake!