Beauty… Is in the eye of the beholder.

Beauty… Is skin deep.

Beauty… Comes from within.

Beauty… And The Beast.


I am not into beauty.

I don’t wear make up. Not on a day to day basis. Not for most events either. Maybe twice a year.

I don’t do my hair.

I’m not even very good at moisturisers and perfumes and things like that.

I am very low maintence in this way.


I obviously wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes they are even a matching pair!

I really enjoy a good face wash, but only with warm water and a face cloth.

Every now and then, I crack a lush face mask out but this isn’t a frequent occurrence.

The closest thing I have to a regular ‘beauty routine’ is the I have to regularly wash the skin around my eyes with warm water and baby shampoo due to some eczema type thing I have going on.


I like the idea of looking after myself and not having to look like a tired wreck all the time but I just can’t do it.


Love Charlotte x